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Friday, March 11, 2016

Low Cost Simple CFL lamp

my earlier email ,went unanswered.....  i need some circuit whiz to design a -----Low Cost / Simple discrete component (may include 555 IC ,but no Custom Ballast ICs..)  CIRCUIT----to light up a 7 watt 4 pin, CFL from a 6 volt 4 AH battery +220 volt mains+3 watt Solar Panel

the idea is to make available, reliable lanterns as product, or as a SKD / CKD KIT form, to enable local assembly for poor

mail from SRM

IRPLCFL2 design has schematic and BOM. 

IRPLCFL2 design has schematic and BOM.

The CFL-2 is an electronic ballast design for driving a 42 watt compact fluorescent lamp from a
120 or 230 volt AC line. The circuit was designed using the IR2156 Ballast Driver IC. The main
features of the circuit are programmable frequency, preheat time, over-current threshold and
dead time.

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