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Thursday, April 14, 2016

ICL7129 AD Converter needs Triplexed LCD

I'm using the ICL7129ACPL to construct a simple 4-1/2 digit DVM. I looked over the application notes on FE LCDs on a similar post and noticed that it listed the FE0206 4-1/2 digit LCD as compatible with the ICL7129 so I went ahead and ordered one. I did not notice that the FE0206 has a single backplane listed (BP on pins 1 and 40) whereas the ICL7129 has three seperate backplanes (BP1, BP2, and BP3).

ICL7129 AD Converter needs Triplexed LCD

My question is:

can the three separate BP pins on the ICL7129 be combined somehow to accomodate the single BP pin on the FE0206 or do I need to order a different LCD? If yes, how? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Mail from CC USA

You have to buy this..

Digi-Key - 153-1055-ND Varitronix - VIM-503-DP-FC-S-HV. Its part no is - VIM-503-DP-FC-S-HV from Varitronix.

Another could be Mouser Varitronix LCD Displays. Ensure you buy correct part number, It is a Triplexed (like Multiplexed) Display.


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ICL7129A, MAX7129 - Maxim

Low-Noise, 4 1/2 Digit, Single-Chip ADC with Multiplexed LCD Drivers

Some Features -
  • ±19,999 Count Resolution
  • 10pA Max Input Bias Current (MAX7129)
  • 3┬ÁV Peak-to-Peak Noise (ICL7129A)
  • Overrange/Underrange Outputs
  • Precise 10:1 Range Select
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