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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Coffee maker PID Temperature Control

My name is RP  i'm working on a project to regulated the temperature of a coffee maker. I don''t know were to start. what i want is to regulate the temperature of the coffee. Could you please help me.

Mail from RP

This is what you may have to do. study below pages and try.

Murph's Silvia PID Page - This page describes my effort to improve temperature control in a home espresso machine by installing a PID temperature controller. If you are reading this page, then you probably already know what Silvia is, what PID means and why anyone would want to add one to the other.

Coffee maker PID Temperature Control

Tuning a PID (Three-Mode) Controller - . If the controller does not include an autotune algorithm or the autotune algorithm does not provide adequate control for the particular application, the unit must then be tuned using a trial and error method.

PID controller - Wikipedia - A PID controller continuously calculates an error value {\displaystyle e(t)} e(t) as the difference between a desired setpoint and a measured process variable and applies a correction based on proportional, integral, and derivative terms.

Temperature Control - PID and LabVIEW - First, let's take a look at how the PID controller works in a closed-loop system using the schematic shown above. The variable (e) represents the tracking error, the difference between the desired input value (R) and the actual output (T). This error signal (e) is sent to the PID controller.


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Room Temperature Monitor and Alarm

I am required to design an electronic system that monitors the temperature between(22-24 degrees Celsius). Given are power supply, Analogue subsystems and digital subsystems. the accuracy of the digital control circuit is limited by the accuracy of the temperature sensors. A green LED is lit to indicate correct temp range.

Room Temperature Monitor and Alarm

A red LED indicates out of range temperature and in sustained events( where this indicates out of range temp which is counted, displayed and timed) a large LED is lit. In a event where the sustained event exceeds 6 days an alarm is sounded to indicate a possibility of a system failure.

Now I need help on how to come up with the correct circuit diagrams which can work , how to simulate and to get the project done, please help, even direct me to books on the project or other sites please...

Mail from AM South Africa

First acquire the room temperature as an analog value. This requires a sensor for the range you indicated a Semiconductor sensor like LM335 will do fine.

Use the ideas on this page - Circuit Design Service and Projects 

Now monitor and generate Logic outputs for temperatures out of range using a Window Comparator. Then for the timed events you need a Timer circuit. And a Logic to set off the Alarm or Annunciator.

All this can also be done by a PIC circuit if you can write some code. I have given some pages to see, study them, that will be sufficient

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Temperature control for CPU

My name is IS and I am looking for somebody to design and build a simple circuit that controls a small computer fan using either a 120V plugin or a battery using a temperature switch...

In other words I would give you the set point and at that temperature it would turn on the fan and when it drops below the set point it turns off the fan.. the temperature would have to be measured using a contact type measuring device like a thermocouple or thermistor.

Mail from IS Brazil

Go thru these links and visit all pages -
 Try this One Chip solution from Maxim Semiconductor

MAX6641 temperature sensor and fan controller

MAX6641 temperature sensor and fan controller

"Accurately measures the temperature of its own die and the temperature of a remote pn junction. The device reports temperature values in digital form using a 2-wire serial interface. The remote pn junction is typically the emitter-base junction of a common-collector pnp on a CPU, FPGA, or ASIC."

Some of my circuits are here Industrial Process Control Circuits

    Sunday, March 20, 2016

    Precision Temperature Control with PID and SSR

    I want to make a furnace controller by PID and SSR that can control temperature of the precision of .1 degree.Would you suggest me some controller and SSr that can do this job

    from RV

    You can find more information here.

    Temperature Controllers and Power Switching

    You have to use a RTD or IC Sensor for more measurement accuracy. The control accuracy can be obtained by a Auto Tune PID controller and Thermally Optimizing the System or Equipment. That means Heat Transfer, Sensor Position, Sensor Size, Heater Type, Fans, Thermal Inertia and many things that can be studied by experimenting or learn it from the field engineers.

    from delabs

    Notes -

    If the system is a small chemical bath you need to stir with motors for convection, if it is an Oven a Fan for air circulation may be required. The control signal from the controller can be a PWM pulse train or 4-20mA depending on what you drive. A pulse train for a DC SSR or 4-20mA for a DC Drive. The Controlled Actuator may be a Heater, Fan or Compressor.

    If it is a temperature of 20 deg C, that needs to be controlled and the product is for the global market. Then you need a heater to bring a temperature to 20 deg in Alaska, but in Congo a 20 deg can only be obtained by Cooling the system.

    Precision Temperature Control with PID and SSR

    A Block Diagram showing how a Temperature Controller and SSR is used in Control. For Furnace more SSRs and more Heaters have to be used.

    Create SSR banks in the control panel and many Heaters well distributed in the heating area. Use a PID or Proportional controller with On/Off output for SSR control.

    For very Large Systems use a Booster Heater bank and Separate Controller only for the Start Up.

    See my Temperature Measurement and Control you will understand better.

    Saturday, March 14, 2015

    Blind Temperature Controller

    message: from SJ

    for my hobby purpose (pewter small models) i 'm building a kind off rubber press with two hot plate about max: 200degre C. i found your website and studied the different circuits concerning J, K thermocouples, and proportional control that will suits my needs.

    I would need more information about one :

    - Is the circuit called Blind controller designed for J thermocouple ? as not specified, is not what component value should be adapted?.

    - what is function of pot 1K RKE 1W ?

    -what does mean RTD i couldn't figure out...?

    - Is it possible to use at end of the controller an IC type MOC3041 after Q1 to have zero voltage switching and if so what components should be adapted or add\ removed?

    my knowledge in the field are limited question could appear simple... Thanks for understanding

    Mail from SJ

    In this page Industrial Process Control Circuits

    There is a circuit blind proportional temperature controller That is probably what you are referring to.

    Blind Temperature Controller
    It is for J Thermocouple you can calibrate it with boiling water and Ice. Or if you have the millivolt source you can calibrate it with that.

    The 1K RKE 1W is the Dial Potentiometer, You have to fix a dial and Knob. Calibrate the Dial with markings of temperature.

    RTD means see here RTD. It is not for this circuit. Unless you want to use it. A 1mA Source is shown in circuit for an 100 ohm RTD sensor.If you are using J type Thermocouple then that is not required.

    RTD is more precise, but may be a bit expensive.

    MOC3041 can be used, circuit is here. SSR and Zero Crossing Opto-Coplers

    Remove the Relay K1. Take two wires from the points that were going to K1 Coil pins 1 and 2. Or take two wires from across diode D1, Observe proper polarity or MOC3041 may go.

    The other side of MOC3041 controls Triac and is high voltage and can give shock. Buy and use a SSR

    SSR and Zero Crossing Opto-Coplers
    Let me know if you have any other doubts.


    A words to thank you for the few minutes you spent in answering my questions, " Bravo" for your web site it is particularly well designed and functional...

    Yes i might have to contact you again but your explainations are crystal clear so i should not "bother" you more at least for this project.

    It is still a long path for me before my project get done, as i built myself all parts of the press,but i won't forget to E-mail you a picture of the result with details.

    I could have bought one already made of theses as their price is still affordable, but my opinion is in the internet spirit and lead me to : do it yourself if you can, satisfaction will be your salary. thanks again for your help,

    Reply from SJ

    Sunday, February 08, 2015

    Thermostat with digital display for PTC1000

    Thermostat with digital display, I need a electronic thermostat with a 2 digit display... Do you have anything like that??

    mail from EU

    can you explain how you plan to use it. then i can give you a suitable circuit. It it for a bakery oven or plastic injection moulding. do you want on-off control or proportional control. do you need a circuit and pcb or only circuit. do you want me to make a custom design for you.


    Thank you very much for responding my e-mail! It´s really for may kitchen oven and I did put an on-off control but..really doesn´t work quit well so I thought in putting a proportional control or would like to have both, on-off and proportional, and see which works best.

    I want to quot that it´s NOT FOR COMERCIAL USE. It´s only for only for my home. I was looking tru the internet but didnt find what I want. I would like a simple thermostat with a two digital readout probably made with OP-AMPS cause with microcontroller it´s quit difficult for me because I don´t have a programmer and, also, do not understand quit well how they work either.

    I was thinking in the using of PTC 1000 (because I already have it, that´s why) or any PTC, NTC or pt 50 or pt100

    I only need the circuit, no pcb. If you know a place on the internet where I can find something like that I would really appreciate it very much. As I said before, something simple no big thing, but I need it with a 2 (or 3 not important 3) digital readout so my wife can see the temperature in the oven. Thank you again for your help and time, thank you.

    Reply of EU

    Blind Dial Proportional Temperature Controller

    Blind Dial Proportional Temperature Controller

    See this blind proportional temperature controller, pdf here Analog Circuits and use the display temperature controller, display, pdf here Temperature Control Circuits on same page some digital indicators are there use them for display.

    You could also try this High Reliability Thermostat, i found it very interesting, pretty simple.


    Thank you AGAIN!! Thank you for your help and time. It´s just what I need!!! Thanks a lot!!

    reply of EU