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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Datasheets and IC Application Notes

where can I find on IC data and their application?  mail from EA

Answer by delabs

Vintage DataBooks are a valuable source of Electronic Product Design Ideas. Study the Applications.

Folkscanomy Electronics: Books on Electronics, Circuits and Processors 

You will also find Radio Electronics and many other Datasheets. Even of firms that do not exist now.
Datasheets and IC Application Notes

One of the books here is The " Intersil Hot Ideas" - This was my Mentor Book These helped me build Intelligent Instruments in the 80s. Intersil( GE) was in advanced CMOS before anybody else. They made the smartest chips when the Microprocessors were being examined Skeptically by engineers. (At that time Microprocessors needed many support chips and consumed huge power only later CMOS uC came)

See also delabs Resources i have created as a reference for such doubts (2007)

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