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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Millivolt Circuit ICL7129 MAX7129

My application is to calibrate some instruments with help of this source. I've studied your circuit earlier also., but I want a battery operated mV source. upto 100mV full scale which is portable but still very accurate. The better the accuracy more good for me! I want to use 9v battery or a set of rechargeable batteries for powering this circuit.

I've constructed some prototype tell me how can I send you the schematic? (file format e.g. jpg, *.tiff, *.bmp etc..., i'm using Orcad 9.2 and Express PCB Schematic softwares for Schematics).

Also I need a 4 1/2 digit LCD display for this circuit(Or any good one). I'm referring ICL7129/ Max7129 IC datasheet for this. Do you have any 2v DVM/ DPM circuits, can you please email me the same! ...please!

Mail from MO

Beckman Multimeter with the  ICL7129

"Unlike the HD110 however, this is a 20,000-count 4½ digit model with RMS-responding AC capability."

Beckman Multimeter with the  ICL7129

ICL7129A - Low-Noise, 4 1/2 Digit, Single-Chip ADC with Multiplexed LCD Drivers

The Maxim ICL7129A/MAX7129 is a high precision monolithic 4-1/2 digit A/D converter that directly drives a multiplexed liquid crystal display. Using a novel "successive integration" technique, the

About millivolt source look here Circuits FAQ - Millvolt Source see another see millivolt source, pdf at Analog-2 - Instrumentation Circuits


I have completed the millivolt circuit, but I need some more information regarding using ICL7129 for driving a 4 1/2 digit LCD for displaying the

Mail from MO