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Friday, October 27, 2017

Scart to RGBS Circuit

Question - scart to rgbs circuit - SCART Connectors were used for Video and TV -  mail from KU

Have a look at these examples

SCART RGB interfacing

SCART connectors used with many European video equipments is designed to carry composite video and RGB video signals.

SCART Connectors for Video and TV

SCART - Wikipedia

In Europe, SCART used to be the most common method of connecting AV equipment, and was a standard connector for such devices; it was far less common elsewhere. As it was designed to carry analog standard-definition content, SCART has become obsolete

A Single SCART Interface for Video - Maxim/Dallas

In many SCART applications, specialized ICs are used for the SCART interface because of the complicated switching required. This is not cost effective for single SCART implementation.

Now that HDMI and HD Videos have come, these issues may not bother much.