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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Digital Counter - 4029 and 4511

I just about the circuit you made. what kind of IC is 4029N & 4511N? Is it a diver/decoder? I tried to research on the datasheet but it cannot give exact specification...

Mail from JT from Philippines

4029 is a Preset Dec-hex, up-dn, Counter - and 4511 is a 7-Segment Display decoder. Learn more see .
Ssend a jpeg photo or rtf or pdf. please also tell me which page or circuit is this question about. any other doubts feel free to ask.

 Is it this ... Simple Digital Counter - doc00021

Digital Counter4029 and 4511


yes, .thanx for the links..i'll try to go over with the where can we purchase those items if ever we need it?

Reply from JT

It depends on which country you are in,... see this page Components Materials


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