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Thursday, April 14, 2016

ICL7129 AD Converter needs Triplexed LCD

I'm using the ICL7129ACPL to construct a simple 4-1/2 digit DVM. I looked over the application notes on FE LCDs on a similar post and noticed that it listed the FE0206 4-1/2 digit LCD as compatible with the ICL7129 so I went ahead and ordered one. I did not notice that the FE0206 has a single backplane listed (BP on pins 1 and 40) whereas the ICL7129 has three seperate backplanes (BP1, BP2, and BP3).

ICL7129 AD Converter needs Triplexed LCD

My question is:

can the three separate BP pins on the ICL7129 be combined somehow to accomodate the single BP pin on the FE0206 or do I need to order a different LCD? If yes, how? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Mail from CC USA

You have to buy this..

Digi-Key - 153-1055-ND Varitronix - VIM-503-DP-FC-S-HV. Its part no is - VIM-503-DP-FC-S-HV from Varitronix.

Another could be Mouser Varitronix LCD Displays. Ensure you buy correct part number, It is a Triplexed (like Multiplexed) Display.


Related Resources -

ICL7129A, MAX7129 - Maxim

Low-Noise, 4 1/2 Digit, Single-Chip ADC with Multiplexed LCD Drivers

Some Features -
  • ±19,999 Count Resolution
  • 10pA Max Input Bias Current (MAX7129)
  • 3┬ÁV Peak-to-Peak Noise (ICL7129A)
  • Overrange/Underrange Outputs
  • Precise 10:1 Range Select
See Also Millivolt Circuit ICL7129

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Technology Resource - Silicon Sam

Technology Resource - Silicon Sam

Sci.Electronics.Repair Frequently Asked Question(s) (or S.E.R FAQ for short) Home Page. This site features Samuel M. Goldwasser's latest and greatest "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of..." series of comprehensive repair guides for consumer electronics equipment and other household devices. There is also a great deal of other information of interest to the electronics hobbyist, experimenter, technician, engineer, and possibly even the dentist and poet. Included are the now quite comprehensive and massive "Sam's Laser FAQ".
    Sam's Laser FAQ has a great deal of information on a variety of laser and optics related topics including a comprehensive treatment of diode, helium-neon, argon/krypton ion, and CO2 lasers as well as amateur laser construction including numerous examples of truly home-built lasers. Much of this is not available anywhere else either on-line or in print!

    Home-Built Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser

    Home-Built Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser

    This generates green light at 532 nm which is not a bad shade of green and quite close to the eye's peak sensitivity. This is the approach used in modern green laser pointers and most modern DPSS green lasers. While other materials can be used to obtain other wavelengths (blue being the most common)

    Friday, April 01, 2016

    Sourcing the SP646 Solid State Relay

    I have a customer that call out a Solid State relay and i cannot find any information on it. Can you help? It is a SP-646. I need a quote on 60 and 120 pieces.

    Mail from PG US

    Have a look at this, is this what you want. SP646 1 Form A Solid State Relay. contact them if the specs are right. this is made by Solid State Optronics (SSO)

    SP646  bi-directional multipurpose relay


    The SP646 is a bi-directional, single-pole, single-throw, normally open multipurpose relay. The circuit is composed of one LED on the input side which activates an optically coupled IC on the output - controlling the firing angle of two back-to-back SCRs. This circuit assures no false triggering under most adverse conditions, and a tight zero-volt window not exceeding 5V.

    • Inverse parallel SCR output
    • High transient immunity
    • 400V blocking voltage
    • 1.2A maximum continuous current
    • Low input control current
    • High input-to-output isolation
    • Solid state reliability
    • Zero-volt switching

    Programmable controls, Valve control, Solenoids, Remote switching, Home appliances, Metering equipment, Heating elements, Gas pump control circuitry,

    The SP646 Data Sheet includes the Complete Overview, Electrical Characteristics, and Schematic Diagrams.

    Even if you dont find the same number, Digikey or Mouser may have an Equivalent. Just match the Electrical Specs and PCB Footprint, pitch etc.

    Components Suppliers - Kits and Parts

    Have a Look at my Solid State Relay Pages too

    Solid State Relays -  They are called SSR as there are made of semiconductors and have no moving parts to wear out. They do generate heat depending on load and switching. Thyristors are used in most as they are rugged, mosfets and IGBT may also be used for various applications.