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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Decade Digital Counter Module - LED and LCD

I'm looking for a source of decade counters and wonder if you can help? I don't want to build the counter, I want to buy a functioning counter module.

Do you have source suggestions?

Mail from SF USA On 1/1/2011 1:34 AM

Try These, some are kits, some ready modules.

delabs has a resource on counters -   Digital Timers Counters and Clocks

Easy way to build a counter since the 80s is using ICM7217.

4-Digit, Presettable, LED Up/Down Counter

4 Digit Counter Module - The counter module is supplied pre-assembled and tested and provides the building block for counter and timer circuits. 

The counter module may also be used as an accurate digital timer with the addition of a suitable timebase and gating circuit.

4017B Decade counter (5-stage Johnson counter) - Learn about the 4017 by building the DOCTRONICS Light Chaser Project:

Multifunction Counter-Timer Electronic Kit K8035 - Counter-timer K8035 is a multifunction electronic kit that is handy for all sorts of counting and timing applications. Counts up or down from your own pre-defined starting point. Counter-timer can count each time you press the onboard push buttons, or count externally supplied voltage pulses.

VM147 - Panel Counter MODULE - offers a very practical solution for counting parts, people, scorekeeping, etc.

LCD counter module 7016 6-digit - Snap-fit module with 4-digit LCD and its own power supply (not included). This counter module is therefore suited to PCB-mounting (snap-in frame can be removed) as well as front-panel mounting

Try Radio Shack ask for - LCD Counter Module - it may be expensive compared to above.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Three Phase AC SSR for 1 HP Motor

I need to build a three phase AC(in 120V)-AC(out 440V) solid state relay to turn on or off a small(1hp) three phase AC motor. Do you have any idea?

Can I use three MOC3043 and three TIC236E triacs of course with all opto LEDs in series?

Mail from FJP Brazil

See my SSR Circuits , Solid State Relays or SSR Choose a DC Control and AC Load SSR, That is what you seem to indicate.

1 hp = 745.699872 watts

Let triac have 10 A and 600V AC ratings, BTA12600 But now BTA12600 is obsolete, adapt to what is available in your country.

MOC3043 is fine, isolation must be good, take care. Use a Heatsink.
ON-OFF Control inputs can be parallel not series.

Here is a picture of a Solid State Contacter from Power IO

Three Phase AC SSR for 1 HP Motor

On this page you can see a 3 phase SSR i built. Three-Phase-SSR.