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Saturday, October 10, 2020

HV low current device for testing

New device and needed E-instrumentation > > Have you a controlled e.g. 0-10 kV and 0-100 mA device


HV low current device delabs

Do you mean a Variable 0-10 kV with 0-100 mA Current Variation.

Yes, i have made such supplies for Testing Capacitor Insulation long ago. Though The limit of current was around 10mA. What you are indicating is a 1 Killowatt HV supply. Needs safety Precautions. 


AC DC High Voltage Testers - Legacy Version

DC : 0 to 10000 V continuously variable - Accuracy  ± 1%
AC : 0 to 10000 V continuously variable - Accuracy  ± 1%

Leakage Current : Adjustable 1 mA to 20 mA
Accuracy  ± 0.5%

Reply of MR EU

I found a quite interesting device and safe things are good. How do you think, maybe expensive..

AC DC High Voltage Testers

Reply of MR EU

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